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  • The National Art Gallery

    The National Art Gallery

    The building of the Gallery began to attract the attention of citizens with its size and unique architecture from the first days of construction. Red brick, columns, clock tower, façade – in all this, you can see the European architecture of the Renaissance.
  • T.Evseev National Museum of the Mari El Republic

    T.Evseev National Museum of the Mari El Republic

    The Evseev National Museum of the Republic Mari El is the oldest museum of the republic, the leader methodological and information centre for municipal and departmental museums of the republic, that stores unique museum items and museum collections.
  • The Museum of History of Yoshkar-Ola

    The Museum of History of Yoshkar-Ola

    The museum of Yoshkar-Ola works more than 15 years on saving a true history of the capital of the Mari El Republic in things, documents, photos. In the center of our attention is the city, its past, present and future.
  • The Republican Museum of Fine Arts

    The Republican Museum of Fine Arts

    In the Museum you can see Mari fine and decorative arts, paintings and drawings by Russian artists, as well as sculptures.
  • Tsarevokokshaysky Kremlin

    Tsarevokokshaysky Kremlin

    Cultural and historical complex "Tsarevokokshaisky Kremlin" is located in the historical part of the city. Here you can learn the history of the emergence and development of Yoshkar-Ola. Different fairs and festive events are annually hold in the Tsarevokokshaisky Kremlin.
  • Museum of Applied Arts

    Museum of Applied Arts

    The museum is located in an old house, which is an object of cultural heritage. There are samples of arts and crafts of the Mari people.
  • Klyuchnikov-Palantai's House Museum

    Klyuchnikov-Palantai's House Museum

    Ivan Klyuchnikov-Palantay is the founder of Mari professional music. The house-museum has a typical interior for provincial intellectuals of the first third of the 20th century.
  • The Museum of Woods

    The Museum of Woods

    The museum of woods was opened at the Ministry of forestry of the Mari El Republic in 2009. The museum will be interesting to professionals, adults and children, as well as residents of the republic and its guests.

  • Puppet Museum

    Puppet Museum

    The puppet museum is located in the building of the Republican Puppet Theatre on the embankment. This museum presents the history of puppetry: from the appearance of the first dolls to set of its modifications. Here you can also see how the doll "alive" in the hands of the puppeteer.
  • Fairy-tales Museum

    Fairy-tales Museum

    This museum under the open sky is visited by many tourists, children and adults, and absolutely free of charge. Its creator is a pilot, which hands are in harmony not only with steering wheel of an airplane. How many different fairytale characters were done by him! If you want to get into the fairy tale, visit this museum!
  • The Museum of Glasses

    The Museum of Glasses

    The museum shows how the glasses fashion varied from the 12th century to the present days. In the museum it is possible to see the glasses of the 13th century made of mammoth ivory, of whale baleen and of turtle shell.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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