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Yoshkin's Cat Museum

The Yoshkin’sCat Museum is a gastronomic museum where you will not only be told about the delicious brands of Mari El, but most importantly, you will be served with the famous Mari cheese from various republican regions, meat and sausage products from the local meat-packing factories, sweets, chocolate, fruit jelly, honey, alcoholic beverages, and the famous Mari beer.

This is a museum in which you will learn what the land of the reserved Mari El is famous for.

Address:3 Revolution Square, Yoshkar-Ola.

Telephone inthe case of inquiries, booking of excursions, tasting sessions and workshops: +7(987)709-37-57(booking of excursions for the groups consisting of more than 10 people on inquiry)

Working hours: 10:00 - 18:00

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

г. Йошкар-Ола,
ул. Вознесенская, д. 39