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Museum of the Orthodox History

The museum exhibition, based on a historical and chronological approach, tells about the stages of the Orthodox faith formation and development in the Mari region since the 14th century, temple construction, the activities of Christian missionaries and enlighteners, persecution against the Church in the Soviet era and the modern activities of the eparchy.

The museum has the following exhibitions: the formation history of the first monasteries in the Mari region, beginning of the construction of stoned churches, activities of the missionaries and enlighteners, especially venerated shrines. There is also information about the Soviet period when the churches were closed and the clergy was repressed.

The museum exhibits are based mainly on the collection of the EvseevNational Museum. A number of unique documents and books are provided by the Yoshkar-Ola eparchy. The exhibition of the Museum of the Orthodox History is open to a wide range of visitors.

Address:12 Resurrection waterfront, Yoshkar-Ola.

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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