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Museum of Military Glory

History of the Great Patriotic War in the annals of our city

The exhibition is based on two components – the battle front and the domestic front. Yoshkar-Ola, being a deep rear city, became the forge of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition of the department demonstrates the samples of missiles, military optics, and household appliances. The extensive photo and documentary materials, personal belongings and awards of the front-line soldiers witness the heroic and formidable time of the great war, the mighty exploits of the people.

People faithful to the military duty and oath

The exhibition presents the materialsrelated to the history of the military commissariat in the Mari El Republic for Yoshkar-Ola.

An example of worthy service to the Motherland is participation of our countrymen in the hostilities of the post-war period. A separate page of exhibition is devoted to these facts, telling about the hostilities in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1979-1989) and in the North Caucasus.

A tear of bitter memory... (dedicated to the victims of political repression...)

The exhibitionshows the history of repressions in the Mari region, when the prominent representatives of all spheres of public and political life were killed.

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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