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Museum of Ceramics

The art studio “House of the Sun” and the GoshaStrelnikov Museum of Ceramics are located in the house of the merchant Naumov.

It presents a collection of clay products made by the masters from various cities of our country. The clay jars, bowls, figures of animals and fairy-tale characters, whistles, caskets, clay paintings, ceramic tiles for the stoves and fireplaces, etc. are demonstrated in several halls of the museum.

It should be noted that some clay products can be purchased for yourself or as a gift. The museum arranges the workshops in pottery, clay molding, glazing and painting for the children.

VK group: Art Studio and Museum

Address:104/1 Soviet St., Yoshkar-Ola.

Tel.: 8 (8362) 32-10-21

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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