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Ivan Andreevich Nogotkov-Obolensky

Nogotkov-Obolensky Ivan Andreevich wasa statesman and a military leader, the first official governor of Tsarevokokshaysk (1584).

The Nogotkovs were Rurikovich, and they descended from Prince Konstantin IvanovichObolensky, who died in 1368.

The first governor of Tsarevokokshaysk, Ivan Nogotkov-Obolensky, occupied a prominent place in the military and political life of Russia. He gained fame by regularly addressing the tsar with an expression of dissatisfaction with the service conditions.

The Prince participated in the suppression of the uprising in the Volga region, the so-called Third Cheremis War. In the winter of 1581-1582, three regiments were sent from Cheboksary to fight against the meadow cheremis. At the end of the campaign, Nogotkov-Obolensky was left the first governor in Nizhny Novgorod.

“In the year 7093, on the day of November 1, the Sovereign Tsar and Grand Prince of Russia FedorIoannovich ordered to send a governor to the new Tsar’s city with an outfit and supplies for three regiments. In the large regiment, Prince Ivan OndreevichNogotkov and PrinceGrigoryVelsky,were governors. In the advanced regiment, Prince Ivan VasilievichGagin-Veliky was a governor. In the guard regiment, Prince Peter Shekhovskoy wasa governor. And as soon as the governors will carry supplies and outfit to the city, Prince Ivan Nogotkov and Mikhail Alexandrov, the son of Nagov, will be governors in Tsar's city; ZvyagaVoeikov should be the mayor ... “

Ivan Andreevich NOGOTKOV-OBOLENSKY was married to DomnaBogdanovnaSaburova, from whom he had no offspring. The NOGOTOKOV family terminated at the beginning of the 17th century.

The monument was erected in 2007.

The sculptor is Andrey NikolaevichKovalchuk.

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