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Alexander Andreevich von Keller

Keller Alexander Andreevich is a zemstvo employee, a participant in the Patriotic War of 1812. Нe came from German nobles (barons) who accepted not only Russian citizenship, but also the Orthodox faith.

The Keller family was subsequently included in the second part of the noble family tree of the book of the Kazan province, according to the definition of the Kazan noble deputy assembly of November 28, 1822, approved by decree of Heraldry dated August 31, 1843.

He was educated at home and received a fairly versatile education. He studied the History of European states, statistics, aesthetics, mathematics, botany, physics, tactics and fortification. He studied Russian and German literature, English, French and Italian. On April 30, 1807, at the age of about 18, he entered the Russian army in the newly established Lubensky Hussar Regiment with the rank of non-commissioned officer.

On April 4, 1813 Alexander Andreevich was promoted to officer with the rank of cornet.

From November 1817he served as divisional adjutant.

Alexander Andreevich paid considerable attention to the military education of soldiers. On February 12, 1820 he was declared the "Highest Favor"for "bringing the lower ranks to an ideal arrangement" in the training squadron.

After leaving the military service, A.A. Keller moved to live in the Kazan province.

In January 1823 Keller took the vacancy of a noble assessor of the Sviyazhsk Lower Zemstvo Court.

In January 30, 1830 he became a district police officer of the Tsarevokokshaysk district. The Kazan governor appointed him to this position, because there were no nobles in the county who could be elected to this post by the noble assembly.

It is possible that the name A.A. Keller would have been known only to historians and regional specialist, if not for a unique document entitled "Statistical description of the Tsarevokokshaysk district of the Kazan province, compiled by the Tsarevokokshaysk district police officer, baron and cavalier Alexander von Keller." From the content of the text it follows that it was written in 1837 and in Tsarevokokshaysk, since this year its author held the position of a zemstvo police officer, living in a county town.

Alexander Andreevich remained in the position of District Chief until the beginning of 1862.

The monument was erected on December 30, 2013

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