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Empress Elizaveta Petrovna

ElizavetaPetrovna was Empress of Russia, the youngest daughter of Emperor Peter I and Catherine I. She was born on December 18 (29), 1709 in Kolomenskoye, two years before her parents officially married in February 1712. ElizavetaPetrovna was the beloved daughter of Emperor Peter the Great. He even postponed the celebrations on the occasion of the victory over Charles XII in the Battle of Poltava and ordered to celebrate the birth of his daughterinstead.

After the wedding of her parents, she received the title of princess, and after the adoption of the title of emperorby Peter I, the title of tsesarevna.

The future empress is represented in a bronze statue, in a light cape, sitting on a horse. During the reign of Empress ElizavetaPetrovna, much was done to develop enlightenment and education of the people in the Mari region. The spread of Christianity contributed to the development of enlightenment. The native language was introducedin the "foreign newly baptized" schools opened in the Mari villages, which contributed to the emergence of the Mari writing system in the future. It already appearedin the Mari people in 1775.

The monument was erected on November 30, 2011.

The sculptor is Andrey NikolaevichKovalchuk.

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