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Square of the Republic and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Earlier, Theater Bridge, built near the Russian Academic Drama Theater, led pedestrians to a sandy wasteland. Now there is a new place for citizens to relax - the Republic and the Blessed Virgin MarySquare, which can be reached through the arch of the Annunciation Tower - a small copy of the Spasskaya Tower in Moscow.

The square is decorated with Annunciation Cathedral, which combines the architectural styles of two churches: the church ofthe Savior on Blood and St. Basil'schurch, and Italian Park, decorated with red Canadian maples. Next to the cathedral you will see a sculpture of the Virgin Mary with a baby, which looks like the icon of the Sovereign Mother of God.

The largest city fountain witha sculpture of the Archangel Gabrielin the center spurts on the square. His face is turned to the Arkhangelsk Sloboda, consisting of many colorful houses with figurines of animals and birds on the roofs.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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