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Republican Puppet Theatre

The official establishment date of the Republican Puppet Theater of the Mari El Republicwas May 1942. Initially, the stage actors began to play small performances with the puppets during intermissions. Many of them became interested in a new activity and, gradually, while learning the art of puppetry, began to produce independent puppet shows for children. Thus, a full-fledged on-stage performance group was formed.

For many years the theater did not have any immovable building and was forced to be always on wheels. However, at present the theater has its own beautiful castle. The girls and boys are literally immersed in a fairy tale during their visits. The adult viewersbecomethe participants in fascinating events: the ethnic futuristic mystery “YudOrol” (“Night Guard”), “The Prozorovs. Epitaph”, “Twelfth Night, or What You Will”.

You can find out more about the theater repertoire here.

Address:35 Tsargradskiy Pr., Yoshkar-Ola.

Tel.: 8 (8362) 45-19-87


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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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