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House of merchant Ivan Pchelin

There is a white-stoned house on Ascension Street in the historical part of the city. It is not very remarkable against the background of modern architectural fancies. However, this merchant's mansion of the mid-18th century has been steeped in secrets and mysteries since ancient times.

It is known that Ivan Pchelin, a first-guild merchant, built it and lived in it. Someone considered him a sorcerer, someone considered him a robber. Rumor had it that his unusual house also had secret rooms where the merchant's countless treasures were stored. It is not possible to say where it is truth or not, but one of the mysteries of the Pchelin house was revealed in the 20th century. The underground passages were found under his house. It is known that one of the underground passages leads to Ascension Church. This church is the only one on the waterfront that has been preserved almost in its original form since the 18th century.

Address:27 Ascension St., Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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