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House of merchant Naumov

The house was built in the late XIX - early XX century by Grigory Pavlovich Naumov, a second-guild merchant. It was used by the merchant simultaneously as a house (first floor) and a shop (ground floor).

The building of a merchant's house is rather unusual, since its ground floor is stoned, with the arched windows, and the firstone is wooden andhighly decorated with wood engravings.

During the revolution in 1917, the house became nationalized. It accommodated the first Mari printing house, and then various organizations. At present, the house of merchant Naumovis occupied by a museum of ceramics and pottery.

The white-stoned mansion of V.F. Bulygin is located near this house.

Address:104/1 Kremlyovskaya St., Yoshkar-Ola, Mari ElRepublic.

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