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House of merchant Bulygin

This stoned two-storey mansion with a mezzanine and columns was built in 1835-1836 by Mikhail Mikhailovich Talantsev, the merchant. After the death of Talantsev and his wife, their sons sold the house to the merchant Bulygin in 1888 and left for Cheboksary.

At the beginning of the 20th century, VasilyFyodorovichBulygin gave this house as a marriage portion to his daughter Maria Vasilievna upon her marriage to the court investigator German NikolaevichPolovnikov. Before the revolution, the apartments of foresters, court investigators were located on the first floor, as well as their offices and wards. The ground floor was occupied by a beer bar and a wine cellar of V.F. Bulygin.

After the revolution, the building housed the military registration department of the council, the county military commissariat, the military revolutionary council of the county, and since November, 1918, the executive committee of the county council. Since 1923, the Unified State Political Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then the fuel industry administration and other organizations were located here. Later, the Bulygin mansion accommodated the NKVD offices.

Address:2 Kremlyovskaya St., Yoshkar-Ola, Mari ElRepublic.

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