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Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

The first wooden Resurrectionchurch was built inside the Tsaryovokokshaysk fortress. It was the main cathedral one, and was erected in the name of the Resurrection of the Lord.

The stone Resurrection Cathedral in Tsaryovokokshaysk was built in 1759 at the expense of parishioners and the Kazan merchant VasilyFyodorovichBulygin. The main shrine of the temple was the holy picture of the Savior, revered by the religious persons, brought by the archers from Moscow in 1584.

In the 1920s, an active religious life continued in the Resurrection Cathedral, the temple became the center of resistance to renovationism. However, already on September 20, 1928, Resurrection Cathedral was closed. Later a cinema was located in the temple building. In the 40s, the religious believers of Yoshkar-Ola applied to the authorities with a request to open a church. The council satisfied this request. The ramshackle building was repaired at the expense of parishioners. In 1961, the temple building was destroyed, and its territory turned into a wasteland.

In 2001, a memorial cross with an icon of Christ the Savior and a commemorative tablet were placed on the site of the temple. In 2007, it was decided to build a new temple on this site. The memorial cross was preserved. It is currently located in the territory of the cathedral to the right of the altar. The new temple being constructed in just a few years, retained the name of the Resurrection Cathedral. In March 2010, Ioannes, the Archbishop of Yoshkar-Ola and MariEl, consecrated the newly erected cathedral. Since then, the regular services have been conducted in the cathedral.

You can find out more information on the website of the Yoshkar-Ola and Mari eparchy.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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