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Hospitable Yoshkar-Ola

Meeting guests with a national group.


Visit to the Museum of the History of Yoshkar-Ola with a master class on painting the wooden Yoshkin Cat. Touristswilltake a trip to the past, a hundred years ago, to the provincial town of Tsarevokokshaysk (this is what Yoshkar-Ola was called at the beginning of the 20th century).During this tripyou will learn how the people of Tsarevokokshaysk (the majority of the population were Russians)lived, what they did, how they spent their leisure. The tourists will stroll through the streets of the ancient city, meet its residents andget acquainted with ancient items that previously were in daily use in every house.

Sightseeing bus and walking tour of Yoshkar-Ola, during which you will get acquainted with the sights and beauties of the city, learn about interesting events in the history of Yoshkar-Olaand what the city is famous for.

During the tour you will see:

  1. Four squares of the capital: I.A. Obolensky-Nogotkov Square, Lenin Square, Virgin Mary Square and Patriarchal Square.
  2. The Kremlin is the place where the city was founded.
  3. Corner of Fairy Tales.
  4. The Museum of Yoshkin Cat.
  5. Churches of the city: Voznesensky, Resurrection, Trinity, Bogoroditsko-Sergievsky, Annunciation.
  6. The monument and chapel to Peter and Fevronia of Murom.
  7. Theaters: the National Theater, the Russian Theater, the PuppetTheater, the Theater of Opera and Ballet, the Theater of Young spectators.
  8. The main streets of the old city: Voznesenskaya and Novo-Pokrovskaya.
  9. Merchants' mansions: Korepova, Pchelin, Bulygin, Naumov, Chulkov, Karelin.
  10. Embankments: the Resurrection Embankment, the Amsterdam Embankment and the Bruges Embankment.
  11. New city sports facilities: Arena and Sports Island.
  12. Musical dynamic clock with Orthodox scenes: "Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem".

Lunch with national dishes of the Mari cuisine in the city cafe.

Visit to the National Museum of the Republic of Mari El named after T. Evseev. Exposition "Rites of the life cycle". Acquaintance with the life of the Mari people.

Dinner at the Warm River tavern. The cafe has an extensive menu with bear meat, elk, wild boar and other delicacies from our own hunting ground.

Free time

The cost is 4600 rubles /person

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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