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Tennis court

The high profile of this sport is due to the fact that it harmoniously develops the muscles, eye measurement efficiency, and demonstrates the beauty of the body. The indoor tennis court is located in the territory of the Druzhba stadium. The outdoor courts are opened in summer.

The construction of the tennis court began in autumn 2007. The modern three-storey tennis palace is a multipurpose sporting complex with the dimensions of 36 x 108 m.

The tennis court is unique for the republic not only because it is the first one of such kind. The up-to-date sports facility has 4 tennis courts that can be easily transformed into the pitches for team sports. Such transformation allows to play volleyball, basketball, mini-football in addition to the tennis. The palace houses a refreshment room, locker rooms, gyms, and amedical office (source).

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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