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Sacred spring of Nicholas the Wonderworker

Many people come here to obtain delicious water, give a dip into chill liquid, or just relax in the silence of a picturesque place and embrace peace and mental rest. The venerated spring is located in the forest near the villageof Korta, not far from Yoshkar-Ola (3 km away). You can take a walk from the terminal stop of the city trolleybus and after 40 minutes you will find yourself near the chapel over the spring of St. Nicholas. For more than a decade, local residents have revered the spring that flows in a forest ravine. People from all over the area and from the city have constantly come here for water. In 2005, the territory around the spring was beautified. A wooden bathhouse has been built here where you can give a dip in the warm, and even in the cold season.

Address:village of Korta, Medvedevskiy district, Mari El Republic.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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