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This shrine dates back to the middle of the 17th century and is related to the appearance of the miraculous image of the Most Holy Mother of Good with the holy myrrh-bearers. On one day in May, 1647, the peasant Andrey IvanovichZholnin from the village of DalnieKuznetsylabored in the fields (on the site of the present shrine). He saw the image of the Mother of God with the holy myrrh-bearers carved on a grapholite and rounded with the woven silver <...> When the peasant approached the icon and wanted to take it, the image became invisible. However, it soon reappeared on a nearby tree. He took the icon and reverently brought it to his house. The sunlight emanated from the icon in the evening and at night. Andrey prayed all night in front of the icon, and when he fell asleep, a man with gray hair in a hierarch's robe appeared in a dream, and ordered Andrey to pray again. Moreover, a bell ringing was heard at the site of the icon appearance, while auguring the miracles and foundation of the shrine.

The monastery was built on this site in 1652; it has become a striking monument of Russian architecture, built in the traditions of the 17th century. The pilgrims flock to the monastery to feel the unusual peaceful atmosphere, and on the 14th of May, on the day of appearance of the Myrrh-bearing Icon of the Mother of God, the solemn services are conducted here.

Mother Superior is hegumeneVarnava (Kolchina).

Address of the monastery:Myrrh-bearing monastery, village of Ezhovo, Medvedevskiy district, Mari El Republic,425224.

Tel.: (8362) 57-85-10

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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