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Historic city center

The historic city center is crossed by the street being the most important and long one in Tsaryovokokshaysk, and therefore it was called Great Street. At present, it is Ascension Street.

In2009 the Tsaryovokokshaysky Kremlin was builthere. Today it is the youngest Kremlin in Russia. The special models on the inner walls tell about the history of the Tsar's city on the Kokshagariver, and the fairs and folk festivals are held in the center of this Kremlin. It was constructed on the site of the Lenin Garden. In the pre-revolutionary times, Market Square was located here being the center of attraction for the residents of Tsaryovokokshaysk.

The old merchant houses of MatryonaKorepova and Ivan Pchelinhave been preserved on this Ascension Street. The Museum of the Yoshkar-Ola History is located in the old house ofTrofimChulkov, the timber merchant. On the parallel Soviet street, the former Novo-Pokrovskaya Street, you can see two more old houses of the merchantsBulygin and Naumov. The latter is now occupied by the Museum of Ceramics and the Museum of the Mari fairy tale “Silver-toothed Pampalche”.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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