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Yakov Pavlovich Shketan

M.Shketan (real name Yakov Pavlovich Mayorov) is a Mari journalist, writer and public figure. The founder of the Mari dramaturgy.

He was born on October 29, 1898 in the village of StaroeKreshcheno, Yernurvolost, Yaransky district, Vyatka province.

The family of a peasant shoemaker. The future writer was the middle of three sons, lived rather poorly. After graduating from a four-year school, he failed an attempt to enter the teacher's seminary. The youth did not pass the law of God, which he did not like. The future writer was engaged in self-education with great dedication, he read a lot, especially Russian classics.

Yakov Pavlovich experienced a creative upsurge in the 30s, when he returned to his small homeland. Here he creates a set of works that can be called the "golden pages" of Mari literature: the novel "Ereher", the play "Dust of the Past" ("KodshoRumbyk"), the stories "KapkaOrol" ("Guard of the Gates"), "Life Calls", the comedy "Pig Wake" ("Wake Pine"). Shketan also translated A. Serafimovich's novel "The Iron Stream" into the Marilanguage.

About 15 books were published during the life of the writer.

The monument was erectedon October 30, 1987.

The sculptor is S.G. Tugarinov, the architect isP.A. Samsonov

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