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Ivan Stepanovich Klyuchnikov-Palantay

Ivan Stepanovich Palantay (real surname Klyuchnikov, the pseudonym "Palantay" was taken by Ivan in honor of a respected teacher who prepared him for exams for the title of elementary school teacher - that was the name of her grandfather) was the first Mari composer, the founder of Mari professional music.

Ivan Stepanovich was born on April 11, 1886 in the village of Kokshamary of the Posadsko-Sotnikovoyvolost of the Cheboksary district of the Kazan province (now the village of Kokshamary of the Zvenigovsky district of the RME) in a large peasant family. There were five children in the family - two brothers and three sisters. Father, StepanPetrovich, was a farmer. Mother, Anastasia Yakovlevna, was distinguished by good musical abilities, played the harp, sang and cultivate love of music in children.

Being musically gifted, Ivan learned to play the harmonica very soon and at the age of nine he already participated in girls' evenings called "Adyr Syra" ("Girl's Braga"), where he played Mari songs and dances.

After graduating from school, he entered Ufa two-year school, where he learned to play the violin. In the spring of 1905, Ivan passed the exam for the title of elementary school teacher with excellent marks, but he did not become a teacher.

TogetherwithYa. Eshpay from Krasnokokshaysk, he organizes ethnographic expeditions around the territory of our region to record folk music. He created the first professional Mari choir. From 1919 to 1926 he created a significant number of choral works.

The choir was awarded the second prize of the Olympiad, losing first place to M.E. Pyatnitskychoir at the First Olympiad of Soviet Russia Choirs.

The monument to the founder of the Mari musical art was erected on S.G. Chavain Boulevard in 1982.

The sculptor is B.I. Dyuzhev.

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