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AlexanderSergeevich Pushkin

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is the greatest Russian playwright, poet,prose writer andpublicist. Pushkin has a reputation as a great poet who created the modern Russian literary language. On June 6, on his birthday, Russian Language Day is celebrated.

The monument to A.S. Pushkin, created by the sculptor Boris Dyuzhev, was erected in Pushkin Square on the eve of the poet's birthday - June 5, 1980. This monument replaced the previous one, a bust that had previously stood in the same place. The grand opening of the new monument took place on July 6 of the same year on the Days of Soviet Literature in the Mari ASSR.

The sculpture is a one-figure composition. The full-length sculpture of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin reading his poems is on a solid granite pedestal. This monument is a copy of the marble monument to Pushkin, made for the presentation of the Soviet exposition at the International Book Exhibition in Paris in 1977.

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