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Memorial of Military Glory

The Memorial of Military Glory

The Monument of Military Glory, designed by the young sculptor Anatoly Shirnin, was created in 1975, when the country was preparing to solemncelebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory. The monument is made of granite, concrete and forged copper. The 20-meter pylon is crowned with a six-meter figure of a victorious warrior. The soldier rushes forward, his hand with a machine gun is sharply raised up, a cape resembling a banner develops behind him. All this gives the image a heroic sound. It embodies the idea of the heroism of the Soviet people, strong sense of citizenship and pride in our glorious Motherland.

On the day of the 30th Anniversary of the Victory on May 9, 1975the Eternal Flame was lit on a hill in a bowl in the form of a five-pointed star.A torch with a fire lit from the Eternal Flame at the Piskarevsky Memorial Cemetery in Leningrad was delivered by the Hero of the Soviet Union A.I. Vladimirov and war veteran N.M. Vasiliev. This sacred place leadsto the Alley of Heroes. On the green stalls along the alley, there are memorial plates to the soldiers - Heroes of the Soviet Union of the Mari ElRepublic, who died during the Great Patriotic War. Blue fir trees are planted next to the memorial plaques.

Prokushev G.I. Sketches about the artists of Mari El. - Yoshkar-Ola, 2003.

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