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The Museum and Ethnographic Complex of the Ancient Mari Manor

One of the important objects in the ethno-cultural complex is a creative workshop. The creative workshop includes: the studio of ancient Mari national embroidery "Akrettyar" (an old ornament translated from Mari), a wicker weaving studio, a room for guests to get acquainted with Mari dishes.

Shorunzha (Uncho) is one of the ancient villages of the Morkinsky region, which is rightly called an amazing land. Loyalty to the roots, careful attitude to the customs and traditions of the ancestors, the preservation and enhancement of the original and moral basis of national identity, the preservation of the study of the Mari language and national holidays give the right to call the Morkinsky district the cradle of the Mari people and a spring of talents.

Shorunzha is recognized as the cultural capital of the Finno-Ugric world in 2019.

Address:13 Shkolnaya Str., villageofShlan, Morkinsky district, Mari ElRepublic

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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