Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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Yoshkar-Ola. Fairy tale in reality

Sightseeing tour of Yoshkar- Ola

Yoshkar-Ola. Fairy tale in reality

"Yoshkar-Ola is a wonderful city."

City Sightseeing Bus Tour

City sightseeing bus tour will help to make the right impression about the city, its history and present development. You will see monuments, streets, squares, parks and gardens in Tour. And the historical facts will come alive with them.

You will see two cities: old - with two-storeyed buildings, quiet green lanes, and new - with squares and modern equipped embankment.

Yoshkar-Ola has changed over the decade so much. How our city has changed you will learn in our excursion.

Duration: 90 min. +

Age of participants: 10+

The number of people in group: transport capacity

You can order by phone of Tourist information centre - 8 800 222 1105

Address: Museum of the history of Yoshkar-Ola (Voznesenskaya St., 39), ph. 42-36-32, 42-43-84.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

г. Йошкар-Ола,
ул. Вознесенская, д. 39