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Dynamic sculptural composition "The Appearance of the Icon of the Mother of God Troeruchitsa”

In 717, Leo the Isaurian ruled on the territory of the Byzantine Empire. His reign caused severe persecution of saints and people who treated them with special favor. And only outside the state, or rather in Damascus, which is considered to be Muslim, one could fearlessly revere Christianity. They also venerated the Monk John as the intercessor of the people. At that time he was in the honorary post of councilor in the city government. It is here that the story comes to why the icon of the Mother of God is called "Troeruchitsa" (Three-Handed) and where the extra palm in the image came from.

For a certain time,John of Damascus carried out the assigned mission faithfully and selflessly, but the envious accused him of betrayal. The emperor, being in a cruel mood, ordered to deprive him of his right hand and place it on the main square to intimidate people who want to betray state power. John appeared before Holy Mother and in prayers began to ask her for the healing.

During his sleep, the Lady came to him and said that the hand that had been restored should now serve him to glorify the deeds of God.

When he woke up, he found that the hand was attached to his arm. In order for people to remember and know what happened,on the image, or ratheron its lower part, he made a hand from a noble metal, which should serve as a reminder and glorification. Therefore, the icon received the name "Troeruchitsa", and the meaning emphasizes the mercy of Holy Mother who can work miraclesat the request of those who ask.

On the central tower of the National Art Gallery (on Obolensky-Nogotkov Square) there is a city clock. They began their course on November 4, 2007. Since then, the icon of the Mother of God "Troeruchitsa", carried by a donkey, miraculouslyappearson the squareevery hour.

This original sculptural composition was created by the team of the Student Research and Innovation Center of the Volga State Technological University under the guidance ofIgor Kudryavtsev- the head of the laboratory of Mechatronic Systems.

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