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Tsar Cannon

On one of the most beautiful squares named after Obolensky-Nogotkovin the capital of the Mari El Republic, next to the entrance to the art gallery, the Tsar Cannon with four cores with a total weight of about twelve tons was installed in November 2007.

Yoshkar-Ola cannon is almostfull copy of the Moscow beauty, made on a 1:2 scale. The Mari version has a number of distinctive features: parts of the relief drawings have been changed, the barrel and carriage, unlike the original (bronze) one, are smelted from steel, and the wheels are solid cast. On the right side there is an image of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich with a scepter in his hands, in a crown and on horseback. For the convenience of moving the cannon on the barrel, there are brackets (three on each side) for attaching ropes. The masters of the Zvenigovsky shipbuilding plant named after Butyakov, who cast the Yoshkar-Ola sculpture from metal, claim that the gun is suitable for firing, and that is why it was decided to weld one core into the barrel.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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