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Monument to Home Front Workers

The main idea ofthe monument is to perpetuate the activities of home front workers.Even the strongest front could not have won that victory in 1945 without them.

Along with participants in front-line battles,workers led the country to victory, working hard at the enterprises and factories of the city, including those evacuated to Yoshkar-Ola from other citiesduring the Great Patriotic War.The feat of people employed in agricultural work of supplying the front with food.

The monument was installed in 2012. The grand opening was timed to coincide with the 67th year since the end of the Great Patriotic War. The design and installation of this sculpture was authorized and financed by the Cultural Heritage Foundation, which operated in the Republic of Mari Elfrom 2009 to 2013.

On the main face of the stele there is an inscription “To Home Front Workers”, next to which there is a cast Order of Victory. The project was prepared and brought into life by sculptors Anatoly Shirnin and Sergey Yandubaev.

At the heart of the sculptural composition, designed for all-round viewing, there is a 10-meter metal stele in the form of a trihedral bayonet with a handle, decorated with bronze bas-reliefs - one on each side. The theme of the bas-reliefs: front and rear, industrial workers, agricultural workers.

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