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Varaksinsky bridge

The bridge was opened in April, 1976 at the cross-section of Vodoprovodnaya Street. It is a continuation of the street from the central to the riverside parts of the city. It is a three-span reinforced concrete structure supported by 2 main abutments. The length of the bridge is 127 m, its width is 13 m. The construction was performed by the Yoshkar-Ola team of the bridge construction crew. Since December 12, 1991, it has been called Varaksinsky bridge.

The bridge name is related to the nearby Varaksino village. At different times, the local residents called it the Waterfront village due to its location and Varaksinsola in Mari. Varaksino subsequently turned into the urban ChapaevаStreet. At present, it is a continuation of Voznesenskaya Street from the north side.

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