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Lake Yalchik

A pine forest prevails on the banks and in the vicinityof the lake. The air is very fresh andclean, filled with resinous and coniferous aromas.

Byorigin, the lake is karst (failure).Somedips have a depth of up to 35 m.

Camp sites are located near the lake. The most famous of them areYalchik, Rubin and Polytechnic. All of them offer to rent houses with all the things you need. Prices at recreation centers depend on the specific house and its capacity.

Location: Republic of Mari El, Volzhsky district, 56.008837, 48.426991


highway - from Yoshkar-Ola along the A295 highway to Mariy Chordanational park, and then to the lake itself, from Kazan - along the Gorky highway, then along the A295 highway to the village of Yalchik, to which the lake is adjacent.

train - Kazan - Yoshkar-Ola to Yalchevskystopping point, from Yoshkar-Ola - the same route, but in the opposite direction.

Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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