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Mari EyeLake

This lake is shrouded in myths and legends and represents an untouched piece of wild nature in central Russia. Unremarkable at first glance, the outskirts of the quiet Mari village of Shariboksad leads to a picturesque cliff-canyon, at the bottom of which the lake of an unusual green-blue color - the Sea Eye(MorskoyGlaz)is located.

The locals call it Mushyl. This is its true name. The time of the lake's failure is not known for certain. Among the locals, there are beautiful legends about the origin of the lake, passed down through generations.

The local author A. Filippovin his article in the newspaper "YamdeLiy" (January 18, 1992) claimed that the lake was formed about 20 thousand years ago during the Ice Age.

VisitingSea EyeLake you will seewonderfullandscapes, elevation changes, picturesque view, legends, mystical haze, amazing nature and air.

The lake is located about 130 km from Yoshkar-Ola.


Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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