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Water entertainments

If you are not a sports fan, but not against an active holiday, then welcome to the boat station. There are several boat stations in Yoshkar-Ola. And, probably, the widest choice is in the rental "Na Naberezhnoy" ("On the Embankment").

Rent "Na Naberezhnoy"is not only active leisure on boats, catamarans, bicycles, etc ... It is a green area by the river. Well-groomed territory with green lawns and sprawling willow. For many years the ducks nest here, and you can easily feed them from a small raft.

We take care of our embankment. Loving couples and the whole families come to us to have a nice time. Newlyweds come here to make beautiful photos.

If you take a boat or catamaran, you can go to another part of the city for Varaksinsky Bridge, where you can not get by the car, and you can see how the coastline changed. Or you can just organize a picnic near the water, ice cream and soft drinks are always at hand.

Here you can rent boats, catamarans, and even such unusual swimming facilities, as a Sup Board, kayak and a water ball from 09.00 to 23.00.


three-seater boat - 200 rub /30 min.; 300 rub/hour

four-seater boat - 220 rub / 30 min.; 330 rub/hour

five-seater boat -  250 rub/30 min.; 350 rub/hour

two-seater catamaran -  200 rub /30 min.; 300 rub/hour

four-seater catamaran - 300 rub /30 min.; 400 rub/hour

one-man kayak - 200 rub /30 min.; 300 rub/hour

two-seater kayak - 200 rub /30 min.; 300 rub/hour

sup board - 300 rub /30 min.; 400 rub/hour

water ball - 100 rub /5 min.


Attention! Special offer:

"Ride 2 hours for the price of one"

On weekdays from 10:00 to 14:00 you pay for 1 hour and you ride 2 hours.

20% discount for pensioners on water transport.


Attention! Discounts, if you have Guest Card:

Bicycles - 10%

Water ball - 10%

Trampoline - 10%

Boats - 20%

Catamarans - 20%

Kayaks - 20%

Surfboard on smooth water (SAP BORD) - 20%

Special offers and discounts aren't summarized.

Address: Chekhov's street, 1 (the embankment behind Voznesenskaya Church, opposite the

Dynamo stadium)

Phone for your information: 96-49-69


If you need a water transport for a romantic photosession, then rental " Bereginya " is glad to offer its services. The shallop-swan will be the best option for your photosession.


shallop - 1200 rub/30 min; 200 rub per person/hour (if the company from 10 persons)

catamaran "SAVA" - 250 rub/30 min., 450 rub/hour

five-seater boat and catamaran "Lotus" - 200 rub/30 min; 350 rub/hour

three-seater boat, 150 rub/30 min; 250 rub/hour

Address: Brugge Embankment (behind new registry office)

Phone for your information: 31-41-61

Walk along the Malaya Kokshaga will be twice interesting together with the guide of the Museum of history of the city of Yoshkar-Ola

Do you want to have a rest from city noise in the middle of the nature? "Chudo-ostrov" ("Wonderful island") is a good option for that. "Chudo-ostrov" is a zoo in the settlement of Medvedevo, near Yoshkar-Ola. Here you can not only get acquainted with funny animals, but also you can take a ride on the boat or catamaran around the island.


20 rub /20 min. - adults

10 rub /20 min. - children

Address: Medvedevo, Mosolov St., 18

Phone for your information: 58-16-25

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