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Quest "The Maze"

"The Maze" quest - project is a place of true passion, an absolutely new format of intellectual leisure!

All these things you made over and over again in computer games, saw in detectives and dreamed to carry out in reality.

You don't just solve tasks, look for decisions and answers, you are in the story, being a part of it. Everything happens to you and your friends in reality. Here you can touch, carefully examine and study every object.

The game starts when you find yourself locked in the room. You don't have phones and the Internet. You have only your resourcefulness and mind, physical force isn't required here. Only by solving puzzles, finding caches, by opening all secrets, you will be able to get out of the "Maze". For this purpose you have 1 hour!

Experience a new form of intellectual leisure!

Send your application or call 8 (8362) 42-36-32, 8 (8362) 42-43-84

Address: Yoshkar-Ola, Leninsky prospect, 12

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Yoshkar-Ola's tourist information center

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